We help great Pubs and Clubs track their cash, vouchers and banking

SafeBUDDY transforming cash management in small to medium hospitality venues

Average Hours Saved per Month

Lines of Code

Time to import a months worth of data into MYOB (minutes)

Time to generate KPI reports (seconds)

We have spent many many hours just so we can save YOU time (and frustration)

We are nice! But seriously Cash Management was a pain and we built SafeBUDDY out of the frustration of dealing with spreadsheets, bits of paper and calculator. There was no solution out there but we knew there was a better way.

Tried and tested for over 5 years, now  we are releasing SafeBUDDY to the world

SafeBUDDY – built from the needs of individuals.

The Duty Manager

“I can walk in at any time and know exactly the contents of the safe. Now I spend more time on the floor with my staff and customers.”

The Accountant

“I save a lot of time with SafeBUDDY importing the banking into the accounts and its so much easier auditing the vouchers and staff shortages.”

The General Manager

“SafeBUDDY gives me peace of mind as I can see what has been transacted through the cash office. More importantly the KPI graphs and Daily reports gives me real insights into the business.”

Track and report on all sources of cash and vouchers in venues

POS, EFTPOS, ATM, CRT, EGM, Payouts, TITO, Raffles, Reception Sales, Merchandise, Underbanks/Overbanks, Staff Shortages, MYOB and XERO.

Disclaimer: SafeBUDDY does not automatically integrate through an API but requires simple manual data entry for POS, ATM,CRT,etc.

What people say about SafeBUDDY


Very user friendly. Minimal time is required to train new users 5/5

Every cent is tracked and any discrepancies are easily found. At a glance you can see what tills have been issued and to whom, the contents of the safe and any staff variances. Its also a huge time saver with banking as all totals from sales, payouts , petty cash etc are already entered with reconciliation of each till and transactions for petty cash, cheques, jackpot cheques have been recorded. Its really just a ,matter of entering your clearance figures and double checking against reports before processing your banking. Great as a reporting tool as well with graphs that can be understood at a glance.
Support, when needed, gets back to you very quickly if your initial inquiry wasn’t answered immediately.


Gaming Manager, Sydney

User Friendly and Efficient

Easy to learn how to use.
Mistakes can easily be changed.
Data entries can be viewed by date, saving time looking through paperwork.
Various reports can be generated.
Suitable and practical for Hospitality industry

Ease of use 5/5 Features and Functionality 5/5 Customer Support 5/5


Duty Manager, Sydney









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