Get rid of the spreadsheets, the calculator and the paper trail

We help venues reform their cash management

So you are thinking – This is too cheap – How much is this really going to cost?

We believe in fairness.

In SafeBUDDY we have strived to keep the Total Cost Of Ownership down to an affordable level for all clubs. We have done this by being innovative in how we approach your needs.

You know your venue better than us. So Pre-Installation of SafeBUDDY is made easy, by us sending you a simple form to complete. (We have done some of the work for you.) We just import it in and send you the saved data file ready for you to start. We will still guide you through the initial stages and make sure you are comfortable.

We help you at the start. We can do face to face training for Sydney venues or help through screen sharing for remote sites. We allocate around 2 hours for startup training. If we do come on site buy me coffee and lunch!

SafeBUDDY was also designed from the end user up. That way it is intuitive and an easy concept to understand. It simply makes sense and allows for a fast uptake by all staff.

On Going Training Costs are averted by the use of our free to use SafeBUDDY Training Channel on YouTube available to all. It is ideal for when you have new staff or just need a refresher.

Support Costs are kept to a minimum. Thanks to the use of Excel as the engine, SafeBUDDY is an easy and stable platform. If on the rare occasion SafeBUDDY doesn’t do what it is supposed there are simple fixes to get you up and running without waiting (or paying) for tech support. All files and links are available from our support page.

  1. Restore a previous working version from DropBox. The auto save feature ensures that your data is backed up in intervals of around five minutes to 10 minutes.
  2. If that does’t work use the support module (Subscription members). Click on it and it will send us an SOS
  3. For urgent support call us on (02) 8003 3821
  4. Casual members will need to send an email for support to

Not sure what else is going wrong or how to address a tricky question?  Look at our Community SafeBUDDY blogs to see if any other user has had an issue and how this was solved.

Updates. Updates are released following suggestions from our users. Hey, we designed SafeBUDDY from the users perspective so any changes make it easier.

Installation Costs. Self installation means that you can install it in your own time by following easy to use steps.

Documents and Manuals. You can download these at your leisure including Process Procedure Cards.

We Would Love To Hear From You!

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The Decisive Group Pty Ltd

The Decisive Group was created in 2013 to launch and market products and services to the Club and hospitality Industry. We are innovative, yet flexible. We are like minded individuals focused on getting the job done. We look for opportunity from problems. We are Managers, Programmers and Marketers. We have worked in customer service orientated organisations and we recognise that we are only as good as our last interaction with you, our client. Our clients are our partners in our journey.

Our flagship product is SafeBUDDY.




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