Why People Love SafeBUDDY Part 1 of 3

Many Managers don’t consider SafeBUDDY  – until a problem occurs within the safe and banking environment.

However once SafeBUDDY is implemented the other benefits that SafeBUDDY brings are soon realised along with the cost and time savings not to mention alleviation of frustration!

So What is SafeBUDDY?

SafeBUDDY is a detailed, yet easy to understand and simple to implement software solution specifically written to fulfill a need for better cash management in clubs in NSW. It is currently in use interstate and would be equally at home in a pub environment.

All cash movement in and out of the main safe is tracked including income, vouchers, cheques and payouts. Banking is easily imported into accounting software.

Is it hard to use?

If you have ever used Excel then you will be familiar with SafeBUDDY as it was built on an excel platform however it is icon driven and powered by many lines of coding hidden behind the scenes. SafeBUDDY is also paired up with an inexpensive receipt printer to for a complete solution and removes the need for manual calculations and hand written float issue and reconciliation forms.

The home screen of SafeBUDDY

Photograph by The Decisive Group Pty Ltd

How does SafeBUDDY help the Operational Staff?

Staff love SafeBUDDY because it tracks the floats, balances the safe and finds errors and becomes a key part of the day’s operation. A Duty Manager only needs to learn three main screens.

“At the end of the night it can be hectic. Before SafeBUDDY it was hard to trace all the floats issued. “

“When we first install SafeBUDDY into a venue, invariably the comment is ‘Wow’!”

SafeBUDDY’s Status gives a complete snapshot of the safe including every float – issued or not, as well as cash, takings and vouchers. “I can walk in at any time and know exactly what’s going on. No more looking for money when it was there all the time.

SafeBUDDY’s Status gives a complete snapshot of the safe including every float – issued or not, as well as cash, takings and vouchers. Reconciling a float is as simple as clicking on the float which will take the user to the Cash In/Cash Out.

Any Banking and Vouchers that are associated with that float are highlighted. This is a key feature of SafeBUDDY that prevents errors and makes it user friendly.

The final screen used is the Safe Balance where the safe can be balanced in 90 seconds. If there is a variance SafeBUDDY will tell you the denomination and the amount. No more adding banking figures  back in to the safe balance figures – its all done for you.

“Now you can spend more time on the floor with your patrons and staff.”

Want to continue the story...

In part 2 we look at how SafeBUDDY helps the accountant.

SafeBUDDY is the flagship product of The Decisive Group.

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Video Walk Through of SafeBUDDY

This video gives you an idea of the key features of SafeBUDDY. As part of the continual improvement and upgrades, there are many new features not shown here.

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