Why People Love SafeBUDDY Part 2 of 3

In the previous installment of this blog we discussed how SafeBUDDY assists the Duty Manager manage the cash in the main Safe. Now we look at how SafeBUDDY assists other management Staff.

How does SafeBUDDY help the Accountant?

SafeBUDDY allows a month worth of banking to be imported into MYOB or XERO in less than 90 seconds.This file contains the journals by individual days. In addition SafeBUDDY allows up to 20 banking types and 20 vouchers types to be customised with their individual account codes and GST treatment.

“I used to allocate two days a month just to enter the banking. Now with SafeBUDDY the process of importing is done in minutes and I can reconcile the banking in hours. The Annual Audit is also so much more streamlined.”


Reconciling with what SHOULD have been banked

A key benefit of SafeBUDDY is the ability to reconcile and report on the banking amounts for the month against original information source. This done through the SafeBUDDY Reconciliation module. The original source is entered for the month into the SafeBUDDY Reconciliation and SafeBUDDY will compare this against what was recorded as being banked and will create a EOM adjustment journal as well as a variance report.

SafeBUDDY Reconciliation module is a simple to use process to reconcile the monthly (or weekly banking) and even generate correcting accounting journal entries.

Photograph by The Decisive Group Pty Ltd

Daily Banking

“The Daily Banking used to be my bugbear and I had to rush to finish before opening..”SafeBUDDY collates the banking. Staff just need to double check the amounts stated and make any corrections using the Cash In Cash Out screen. Banking is more accurate and over/under banks have a full audit trail. If an error is found later, it is an easy process to re-bank the day with the correct adjustments thanks to the underbank/overbank feature – even weeks later. “The banking figures are right there in front of me. I do a quick check and then process the banking without fuss.”

“SafeBUDDY has transformed cash management in small to medium clubs”

Record Keeping

SafeBUDDY tracks all the transactions and also saves them to a database table. The printouts from a standard receipt printer are also saved as PDF files. At any time the operator can filter and search the files from the Activity Log screen to investigate shortages, banking, vouchers etc.

A new addition is the Daily Report which generates the activity of each float reconciliation and the amount and time of banking and vouchers and is an quick and easy spotlight of where the busy activity is in the club.

Want to continue the story...

In part 3 we look at how SafeBUDDY helps the Gaming manager and the General Manager.

SafeBUDDY is the flagship product of The Decisive Group.

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Video Walk Through of SafeBUDDY

This video gives you an idea of the key features of SafeBUDDY. As part of the continual improvement and upgrades, there are many new features not shown here.

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