Why People Love SafeBUDDY Part 3 of 3

We started off this series by saying how Managers don’t consider SafeBUDDY  – until problems occurs within the safe and they are looking for a solution to tidy up and systemize the cash management and improve accountability. In this final installment of this we see how SafeBUDDY assists the senior managers within the club.

SafeBUDDY and The General Manager

Efficiency and savings

SafeBUDDY alleviates many manual and time consuming processes. SafeBUDDY was designed from a users perspective and is intuitive and so has a quick uptake for staff learning. It is an inexpensive tool and pays for itself many times over.

Do you want to find out how much SafeBUDDY can save your venue in time and money?

In this blog we break down the cost savings by using SafeBUDDY.

The home screen of SafeBUDDY

Photograph by The Decisive Group Pty Ltd

Performance Graphs

Numbers in a report takes time to digest. SafeBUDDY generates KPI graphs in less than a minute across revenue centres. and compares against previous month and year.

SafeBUDDY graphs gives a real insight into trading results even down to the individual days of the week. These reports are well received in Board Reports and ideal to update key staff on the Clubs performance.

“Now we can tell in a glance how the Club’s cost centres are performing compared to last month and last year.“

With SafeBUDDY Analysis Module it is an easier task to identify where and how variances are occurring.

Staff Shortages

Staff Shortages can be difficult to analyse across the venue. Even minor variances can add up to be significant.

The SafeBUDDY ANALYSIS module allows the manager to filter data and get an in depth view of variances. The variances are presented as convenient Spider Graphs.

“When we first install SafeBUDDY into a venue, invariably the comment is ‘Wow’!”

SafeBUDDY and The Gaming Manager

SafeBUDDY collates a Banking to Gaming Variance report and allows this to be exported for further investigation. This greatly assists when you are performing a monthly cashflow and there are variances to be identified.

So how hard is it to implement SafeBUDDY?

SafeBUDDY is relatively easy to use as it is intuitive and offers a fast takeup. The first stage will be to complete a initial questionnaire survey of the details required for SafeBUDDY. From this the safeBUDDY file is developed and uploaded to the clients drop box file. Training is the next stage and will normally be done on the actual pre launch SafeBUDDY file.

This training can be done either through remote access or through face to face at the venue. The initial training takes around 1 to 2 hours.These is also a free training channel where you can view SafeBUDDY procedures.

In conclusion

In this three part series we have seen how SafeBUDDY is overlooked until an issue arises and better accountability is required through the cash management of clubs. As soon as SafeBUDDY is installed it has a quick uptake with immediate benefits particularly  with operational staff. Over time as data is being built SafeBuddy is then utilised by Gaming Managers, accounting staff and the General Manager.

In terms of pricing for the early adopters SafeBUDDY is priced affordably at only $10 (+ gst) per week and includes all updates and support options.

If you are in Sydney and wish to see SafeBUDDY live in action we can arrange a visit to a venue to see it in action. Call us on (02) 8003 3821 or at sales@TheDecisiveGroup.com.au

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Missed the start of this story?

In part 1 we look at why Club managers install SafeBUDDY.

SafeBUDDY is the flagship product of The Decisive Group.

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Video Walk Through of SafeBUDDY

This video gives you an idea of the key features of SafeBUDDY. As part of the continual improvement and upgrades, there are many new features not shown here.

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